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"Young people need models, not critics"

 - John Wooden, legendary coach

Coach watching soccer players

General Info

Coaches - General Info

Coaching can be one of the most rewarding parts of your day. Whether you are new or experienced, the HSC is here to support you and help you make a difference in our young player's lives.


Each year the HSC requires an enthusiastic group of volunteers to help ensure all our players have a chance to play.  Whether you are an adult or student needing volunteer hours, this is a great opportunity to spend just 10 weeks playing soccer with a group of community kids.

Unsure you are knowledgeable enough to coach soccer?  As a House League coach our experienced coaches will support you, and with the resources below all that's left to do is be fun!

Also, at the start of every season, we invite all HL coaches to the field for an in person, practical session to answer any questions you may have.

If interested in helping out, please contact our Club Administrator



1. #1 Rule - Kids are there to have fun

2. Be flexible - if your plan isn't working, be ready to change it

3. Coaches are there to encourage, not criticize

4. The more players touch a ball, the more they'll learn

5. If you need help, know who to ask



If you are interested in coaching in a more competitive environment, please complete this application process:

1. Contact our Rep Coordinator to find out what age groups and positions are available:

2. Complete application using this FORM

3. Be sure to have updated certifications

Rep Coaching Requirements

All of the following courses can be found on the Ontario Soccer web site.  Courses are held in Muskoka on occasion, however many are online as well.  The HSC will reimburse course  fees, however prior approval is required.

Development - U9 to U12

Learn To Train

Making Ethical Decisions (MED)

Making Headway In Soccer

Respect In Soccer

Recreational - U13 to U21

Soccer For Life

Making Ethical Decisions (MED)

Making Headway In Soccer

Respect In Soccer

Competitive - U13 to U21

Soccer For Life

Making Ethical Decisions (MED)

Making Headway In Soccer

Respect In Soccer


To find a course currently offered, check out Coach Centre


soccer players looking at coach plans


Coaches - Resources




Coaching Booklet Coming Soon

Coaches can use the booklet as a guide, but also be flexible and design sessions around your team dynamics.

Key factors in this age group:

  • Players simply want to have fun and burn energy

  • They enjoy running, jumping, kicking, throwing

  • Activities will practice moving, foot-eye control, dribbling, and shooting

  • Coaches should give constant praise

  • Coaches should call participants 'soccer players', not 'kids'

  • Players need one on one attention as possible

  • Coaches should encourage players to make noise!


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