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The female athlete bursary is an award of $500 (from HSC) that will be given to a high school graduate that is pursuing post secondary education. The winner should be a member of either the Huntsville Soccer Club or the Muskoka United Football Club during their high school years. The individual will have been an athlete and ideally have contributed to either of the Clubs as a coach, referee, or volunteer.

Selection Process

There will be an open invitation sent to all female athletes of graduating age to apply for the award.


Applicants will submit a 500-word essay describing their contributions to the Club(s). This includes the number of years as an athlete and what other roles they filled in the club(s). Applicants should also discuss how being involved in soccer has positively influenced their lives, and briefly describe their post secondary education plans, including (if applicable) their intent to play on a post secondary sports team. 

A committee including at least one executive member from each Club, one female, and either a rep or house league coach from that age group will review the submitted essays to choose a winner. 

The winner will be informed of their success on Soccer Day. To have the funds released, the winner must submit proof of enrollment, and/or a class schedule, to the club.  

The application deadline for each year will be the fourth Friday of the outdoor season.



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